Our Services

Customer service

We define ourselves as a motor-vehicle general contractor that really does perform all types of work on the vehicle. If you have questions about the history of the vehicle, or administrative matters, we shall be pleased to obtain answers through our international network. We want to give you a completely individual and personal service. Talk with us.

Oldtimer home

We have become specialists for the oldtimers and modern classics of Volkswagen AG – VW, Audi and Porsche. You, as car lover, are very important to us. We want you to receive the pleasure that we create for you.

Restoration & overhaul

We are one of the world's very few addresses that can do this. We restore from scratch, our work is professional and true to the original. Your vehicle will be dismantled down to the last screw, sometimes even further, and then reassembled. The result is your new gem. And at any time, you may inspect the work, incorporate your own wishes, or even give a helping hand yourself.



Spare parts

No longer available! Disastrous news for every oldtimer owner. We make sure it does not happen. 'Have it, find it or make it' is our motto. Parts that are no longer available, we can make for you. Do you need some? Then send us the completed spare parts form.